1831 NEW HAMPSHIRE Newspaper Ads, Notices, Etc.
New Hampshire (mostly) and a few in Boston, MA

from the
Monday, October 24, 1831

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1831 newspaper - Alton NH public notice
ALTON, NH - Public Notice: Ezekiel Hayes regarding his son William H. Hayes, a minor. Witnesses, Aaron Clough and Ezra Ham
1831 newspaper - Bedford NH store to let
BEDFORD, NH - Piscattaquog Village - A store to let, contact is John Parker Jr.
1831 newspaper - Boscawen NH proprietors meeting
BOSCAWEN, NH - Notice - proprietors of BOSCAWEN BRIDGE to hold annual meeting at the toll-house in Canterbury NH. Ad posted by WILLIAM W. GAGE, Proprietor's Clerk.
1831 newspaper - Boston MA advertising
BOSTON, MA - Advertising: Fairbanks, Loring & Co., corner of Kilby and Milk Streets for Hard Ware and Sadlery
1831 newspaper - Boston MA advertising
BOSTON, MA - Advertising: Gordon & Stoddard, 78 and 80 State Street, Woolen, Cotton, Linen and Stuff Goods
1831 newspaper - Boston advertising
BOSTON, MA - Advertising: Richardson, Lord & Holbrook. Promotes Blake's New Geography for Children, by Rev. J.L. Blake
1831 newspaper - advertising Boston Suffolk House
BOSTON, MA - Advertising: Suffolk House, situated on Elm Street "opposite Mr. Wild's; description of boarding house/hotel. Ad placed by Phinehas Adams, and Charles West from Concord NH.
1831 newspaper advertising Whiton & March
BOSTON, MA - Advertising: Whiton & March, No. 21 Central Street, Boston; foreign and domestic goods; ad placed by James M. Whiton and Andrew S. March.
1831 newspaper article Boston Liberator
NEWS ARTICLE - mentions Boston, MA newspaper, "Liberator," and an indictment to the Grant Gury against William Lloyd Garrison and Isaac Knapp, the editor and publisher for its circulation and publication, regarding insurrection among slaves.
1831 newspaper - Campton, Grafton Co NH public notice
CAMPTON, Grafton Co., NH - Public Notice - taxes due, # lots, division range, etc. Mentions the names of Moses George, John Little, Elijah Smart Jr., Moody Bartlett, Giles Merrill, William Thornton, Ebenezer Burbank, Walter Willey, Timothy Chases, Eben T. Whitney, John Smith, William Moses, E. Kinneston, William Home, George Avery. Ad posted by David Webster, collector.
1831 newspaper - Canaan (Dame's Gore) Grafton Co NH public notice
CAANAN, (DAME'S GORE), Grafton Co, NH - Public Notice - Auction of a farm in this location. Ad posted by Josiah R. Haynes.
1831 newspaper - Canaan, Grafton Co NH public notice

CAANAN, Grafton Co. NH - Public Notice of Taxes Due, and public auctions to be held at Guilford Cobb's Inn in Canaan. Includes size, location and description of properties. Owners names include Ira Gates, Samuel Willis, William Hayward, Richard and Nathan Currier, Cyrus B. Hamilton, Joseph Burleigh, Zachariah F. Lory, Tristram Sanborn Jr., Jeremiah Wilson, Simeon Chase, Nathaniel Warner, Charles Mayridge, Dudley Bailey, Daniel Gile, Samuel Stevens, heirs of Joshua Stevens, heirs of Riley James, James Dwinnels, Benjamin Flood, David G. Webster, Stephen Kendrick, and James Stevens. Also has nonresident unimproved list showing William Fox Jr., William King, William Wentworth, George King. Ad posted by Jonas W. Smith, collector.

1831 newspaper - article regarding Castine and deaths of children
NEWS - Casualty, capsizing of a boat, mentions towns of Castine and Lincolnville, and those involved, David Howe, Ann Howe and Charles Whitney.
1831 newspaper - Columbia, Coos Co NH public notice
COLUMBIA, Coos Co., NH - Public Notice - properties with taxes due, to go to auction, to be held at the house of Harvey Hobart in Columbia. Names mentioned include Nathaniel Peabody, Samuel Sherburne, Eleazor Wales, Jeremiah Jackson, Benjamin Leoned, John Squire, Ebenezer Leoned. Ad posted by Harvey Hobart, collector.
1831 newspaper - Concord NH advertising
CONCORD, NH - Advertising - GEORGE D. ABBOTT, Painting, Doors, & C., also house and sign painting
1831 newspaper - Concord NH advertising
CONCORD, NH - Advertising - No. 4 Hill's Building by ASAPH EVANS - Fall & Winter Goods, descriptions and wanted.
1831 newspaper - Concord NH advertising groceries
CONCORD, NH - Advertising, No. 4 Hills BUilding by ASAPH EVANS - Fresh Groceries - description of items being sold, and items wanted.
1831 newspaper - Concord NH advertising groceries
CONCORD, NH - Advertising, Main Street, South End, by CHARLES HUTCHINS. Seasonable Goods, description; also W.I. GOODS & GROCERIES, Crockery, Hollow Ware, and items wanted.
1831 newspaper - Concord NH advertising Ladies shoes
CONCORD, NH - Advertising, Ladie's Shoe store of CHARLOTTE HERBERT. Description of items sold.
1831 newspaper - Concord NH advertising store
CONCORD, NH - Advertising, store "opposite the post-office" by EDWARD BRACKETT. Description of items.
1831 newspaper - Concord NH store of saddlery, hardware and harness furniture
CONCORD, NH - Advertising, store of H. FESSENDEN, saddlery, hardware and harness furniture.
1831 newspaper - COncord NH men seeking wool skins
CONCORD, NH - Advertising by two men seeking wool skins, ISAAC C. BRADLEY and JOSEPH GROVER.
1831 newspaper - Concord NH advertizing of West India Goods
CONCORD, NH - Advertising of store, Main Street, North End, Arcade Store by JOHN ESTABROOK. West India Goods and other items described including items wanted.
1831 newspaper - Concord NH store advertising
CONCORD, NH - Advertising: Store, "a few rods north of the Merrimack County Bank," selling flax seed, woolen yarn and cloth and good socks. Ad posted by Samuel Herbert and John West. Same ad includes a dwelling house to let.
1831 newspaper - COncord NH wholesale store
CONCORD, NH - Advertising: Wholesale store, "nearly opposite the Phoenix Hotel," by Nathaniel H. Osgood & Co. Description (in great detail) of items sold. Mentions their wholesale store in BOSTON.
1831 newspaper - Concord NH store advertising
CONCORD, NH (East Village) - Advertising: Store of JOHN PUTNEY, with description of items sold.
1831 newspaper - Concord NH store for womens goods
CONCORD, NH - Advertising & Notice: Store of C.M. Smith has moved two doors above the shop she formerly occupied. Describes the women's goods and seeks apprentices.
1831 newspaper - notice seeking green silk umbrella
CONCORD, NH - Notice: ABIEL WALKER requesting the return of his green silk umbrella, from the gallery of the North meeting house.
CONCORD, NH - Advertising by Estabrook & Pecker of taking on a new partner, Robert E. Pecker. Mentions Arcade Store at Nos. 1 and 2 north end of Main Street, Davis' new Brick Store. Their stock of dry goods is described. Ad posted by John Estabrook and Robert E. Pecker.
CONCORD, NH - Advertising, by ASAPH EVANS at No. 4 Hill's Building - for Buffalo Robes
CONCORD, NH - Advertising - W.I. GOODS and GROCERIES and also items wanted.
CONCORD, NH - Advertising - HORATIO HILL & CO., description of books and commentaries in stock
CONCORD, NH - Advertising - MERRIMACK COUNTY MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, office in Merrimack County Bank building. Mentions Isaac Hill, president; and Samuel Morrill, Secretary.
CONCORD, NH - Advertising - CHARLES HUTCHINS - Main Street, South End. Items wanted at the store of the subscriber and cash paid for Rum barrels, etc.
GILFORD, Strafford, Co. NH - Court of Probate Notice, regarding Stephen Plumer, guardian of David Plumer Ladd. Mentions property in Guilford, abutters including Francis W. Boynton, and Samuel Dicey. Ad by D.C. Atkinson, judge of probate.
HAWKE, Rockingham Co., NH - Court of Probate notice, regarding MARY QUIMBY, late of Hawke. Ad posted by John Harvey, judge of probate.
DANBURY, NH - Notice - by JOHN PETERS regarding relinquishing his right over his son JOHN PETERS.
DEATH NOTICE - mentions: Harford Vt of Mary Gove daughter of Capt. Abel Gailey of Acworth NH; Deerfield NH, of Mr. Ezekiel Eastman; Pelham, Mrs. Molley, consort of Mr. William R. Lyon; Barnstead, NH, of Jonathan Sampson; Deerfield, NH, of Mrs. Mary, the wife of Gordon Haley; De Moine Rapids, IL, Dr. Matthias Spaulding of Chelmsford, MA (nephew of Matthias Spaulding MD of Amherst), Loudon NH, Winchenden NH and Milford NH.
DEERING, NH - Notice of Auction: "one half acre of land, opposite to Dr. Forsaith's in the south part of Deering, on the road leading from Francestown village to Hillsboro Bridge." Description of this and another piece of land being auctioned. Ad posted by Luther Phelps.
DERRY, NH - Notice of Old Derry Fair and mention of the annual purse.
DERRY, Rockingham Co., NH - Commissioners Notice, regarding the estate of ANDREW CLINDENNIN, late of Derry. Ad signed by B.T. Humphrey, Commissioner.
DURHAM, NH - Notice regarding a colt strayed from the subscriber's land, description of colt. Ad placed by Benjamin Mathes Jr.
FRANKLIN, NH - Advertising by GREENLEAF & EASTMAN, for Thompson's black and yellow snuff and cigars.
FRANKLIN, NH - Notice seeking blacksmith apprentice, by JAMES H. PRCOTOR.
FRANKLIN, NH - Advertisement of books recently received.
CONCORD, NH - East Village. Advertisement by STEPHEN AMBROSE of goods in his store (lengthy).
BRADFORD, NH - Advertising by BARD P. PAGE of a "newly invented Cylinder Cooking Stove" at his factory. A list of people who have used the stove for a year or more and promote the purchase include A.F. Cressey, Jeremiah Page Jr., Timothy Dowling, Peter Codman, Joseph Shattuck, Jeremiah Brown, Samuel P. Collins, John Kimball, Jonathan Bagley, Jason H. Ames, Christopher S. Blaisdell, Stephen Presby, Benjamin Marshall, Rufus Fuller Jr., James Heseltine, William Carr, John Felch, William Wadleigh, William Doolittle, Benjamin Winchester, John D. Wadley, Nathan Martin, Hezekiah Blaisdell Jr., and Benjamin Hall.
General Advertising - THOMAS' ALMANAC - The (Old) Farmer's Almanac notice, pubished by RICHARDSON, LORD & HOLBROOK, Boston. Ad posted by Robert B. Thomas, Esq.
CONCORD, NH - Notice - special meeting of the CONCORD MECHANIC'S ASSOCIATION in the Concord Court Room. Ad posted by H.E. Moore, Secretary.
FRANKLIN, NH - Advertising - for Moore's Patent Cooking Stove, and shop in Franklin Village of JAMES H. PROCTOR. People certifying they use the stove and recommend it, include: Jesse Merril of Franklin; Seth Eastman of Concord; Asa C. Morrison; Benjamin Morrill of Boscawen; Thomas H. Bullard and Jeremiah Greene;
General Advertising - for Doctor La Mott's Vegetable Cough Pills. Description of the product. Ad placed by N. Gale of Lowell MA.
General Advertising - for Jewett's Improved Vegetable Pills. Description of use of product. Mentions recommenders: Mr. Kimball of Boston; Dr. Frenville of Cambridgeport; Mr. Abell of Boston; Dr. C.F. Baumlin of Cambridge; Rev. Mason Knapen of Sudbury Vt.; for sale by LOWELL & REED, No. 111 State Street, Concord NH; also for sale by Horatio Hill & Co., Concord, Samuel Morril, Concord, George Tilden, Keene; William Cheney, Newport; J. Hubbard, Portsmouth; and R. Reed, Amherst.
General Advertising - Potatoes Wanted, also corn, by A.P. STINSON, Warden.
General Advertising - Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam. Mentions Dr. Jeremiah Ellsworth of Silver Creek, Chatangue Co. NY. Certifiers include Ebenezer Thompson, Esq. of East Cambridge MA;, Rebuen Blanchard of Peacham Vt.
General Advertising - cost and locations to purchase said Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam
General Advertising - for Rocking Trusses, manufactured in Canterbury, Merrimack Co. NH by the Shakers. Ad placed by David How. Mentions a list of places where they are sold.
GILMANTON, Strafford Co. NH - Notice - regarding estate of JOSIAH ROBINSON, late of Gilmanton, by his executor, EZEKIEL ROBINSON. Ad posted by Daniel C. Atkinson, judge of probate.
GOFFSTOWN, NH - Notice: Cows of Eliphalet Jones struck by lightning.
GOFFSTOWN, NH - Public Notice: lands in Goffstown to be sold at public auction at the Inn of Capt. Jonathan Butterfield in Goffstown. Shows property size, location, etc. Names mentioned include heirs of Joshua Pierce, Silas Shepherd, heirs of James Parker, Blodgett farm, James Walker, Caleb Mills, Daniel Kittredge, Col. William P. Riddle, Ephraim Harvell, Paseael Fletcher Martin place. Ad placed by James Collins, collector.
HANCOCK, Hillsborough Co., NH - Public Notice regarding properties to be sold at public auction at the house of David Patten, Innholder, at Hancock NH. Property sizes, locations, etc. include. Some names of property owners include: Joseph Cobb on the gore, Jacob Jewell, -- Joslin, James Kimball on the gore, Nathaniel Moor, Cyrus Tolman on the gore, Jonathan Temple intervale; Samuel Robinson, David Stiles, Samuel Miller, Mark Woodbury intervale farm; John Sprague, Jonathan Parkist, and Timothy Fox. Ad posted by Asa Washburn, collector.
HILLSBOROUGH (sic HILLSBORO), NH - Advertising of L.M. KIMBALL regarding his blacksmith business in Hillsborough NH. Description of services.
HILLSBOROUGH, NH - Advertising - Store of L.M. KIMBALL, lastest fashions of fall & winter and many other items, alot of detail and description.
HOPKINTON, NH - Notice, regarding an indentured apprentice, ENOCH CALL, by his former employer, JOHN BACON.
HOPKINTON, NH - Notice, regarding a strayed or stolen bay mare with description. Ad by Sylvester P. Williams of Hopkinton NH. Mentions Mr. Isaac Hardy and Meredith's Bridge.
JEFFERSON, Coos Co. NH - Public notice of properties to be sold at public auction at the dwelling house of John J. Blaisdell in Jefferson NH. Includes list, owner, size, and other descriptions. Property owner names include: N.A. & J. Haven and Mark W. Pierce, J. Lindsay & J. Pike, Jacob Sheafe, Tobias Wentworth, Benjamin Herford, Samuel Banfield, Eliakim Herford, William Farrar, Hall J. How, Harriet Hill, Nathaniel Merrill, B.P. Gilman, Palmer, Elisha Hill, William Rice administrator of the estate of the late E.G. Parrott, Samuel Willey, and Jacob Sheafe. Ad was placed by John J. Blaisdell, collector.
KEENE, NH - Advertising - J. & J. W. PRENTISS, book publishers. Describes latest books available (lengthy). Mentions these books are also for sale by H. Hill & Co. Marsh Capen & Lyon and Hoag & Atwood, Concord, and by the booksellers in Portsmouth, Dover, Amherst, Nashua &c.
LANCASTER, Coos Co. NH - Public Notice of auction of properties, at the house of Benjamin Stephenson, innholder of Lancaster NH. Includes owners, size and description of properties. Owners include: Aaron Bloss, Reuben W. Freeman, Gregory & Wells, Guy Ely, Anson Fisk, Clark Jones, Cheney Hildreth, Abner Holden, Barker's Location, Joseh New March, John Saunders, Timothy Whitney, Israel Hale Jr. John Warden, Silas Rice, Nathaniel Smith, Daniel Hale, Benjamin Mann, John Rogers. Ad posted by Reuben Stephenson, collector.
LOUDON, NH - Advertising - IRAD BRICKETT store. New goods described.
MANCHESTER, NH - For Sale - Farm and Tavern Stand in Manchester NH, on Mammoth Road, "a few rods north of the old meeting house." Description of the land and buildings. Ad osted by Samuel Jackson.
MARLBORO, NH - Notice - horse stolen and reward. Description of horse and also items stolen from Charles Holman Jr. on the same night. Ad placed by Jonah Davis.
General Notice - MERRIMACK AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY annual meeting officers. includes names of Richard Bradley of Concord President; Thomas D. Merrill, of Epsom, Vice President; Richard Greenough of Canterbury, Treasurer; James Wilson of Pembroke, Secretary; Directors are Joseph Low of Concord, Hall Burgin of Allenstown, Jonathan Ayers of Canterbury, James Blake of Chichester, Page Eaton of Henniker and Reuben Johnson of Boscawen.
General Notice - MERRIMACK AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY to meet at Dunbarton. Mentions annual meeting held at Pembroke and winners (and prize) money mentioned includes: Olney Thompson, best farm; John Berry, Peter Bartlett, Nathan Ballard Jr., Charles Hutchins, Joshua Lane, Thomas Ames, John West, Charles Butters, David Ambrose, James Mann,John Peverly, Benjamin Simpson, Charles Hutchins, Warren Story, Moses Chandler, Joseph Barnard, Stephen Libbey, Aaron Whittemore, John Jarvis, Richard Bradley, Hiram Brown, Caleb Reynolds, Miss Ann Emery, John Head, Benjamin Whipple, Stephen Chase, Mrs. Nancy Dudley, Mrs. Betsey Emerson, Miss Asenath Mason, Miss Mary Kimball, Ruel Walker, Ezra Allen, Aaron Whittemore, James Haselton, Benjamin Simpson, John G. Simpson, John C. Kimball, William Gault, Richard Porter, Benjamin Gale, Miss Priscilla Morrill, Miss Eleanor Eastman, Miss Mary C. Stinson, Mrs. Samuel Moore, Timothy Chandler, Stephen Chase, Miss Almira Kemp, James Wilson. Other names included are Philip Carrigan Esq., and mention of Robert Ambrose who died recently.
NEWS - The National Debt - description of the current debt of the United States! (1831)
NEWBURYPORT - NEWS - Highway robbery of a colored barber, named Cambridge of fifteen dollars. An examination took place before Mr. Justice Cook.
NEW HAMPTON, Stafford Co. NH - Notice of Estate of THOMAS BALEY, late of New Hampton and appointment of LEWIS BURLEIGH as administrator of the estate by the judge of probate.

- STORY - about a yankee schoolmaster in Rensselaer County, NY
STORY - from the Edenton Gazette, regarding an insurrection of negroes in Southampton county, VA.

NEWTOWN, NH - Notice, Farm for sale, and Tavern. Location is on the road from Haverhill MA to Exeter NH, about five miles from Salisbury and Amesbury Mills. Description given. Ad posted by Samuel Gale.
NORTHUMBERLAND, Coos Co. NH - Public Notice of property to be sold at public auction at the house of Thomas Eames, innholder at Northumberland. Includes property description, location, etc. Owner names include: Joseph Moulton Jr., Daniel R. Rogers, James Jewett, and Joseph Peverly. Ad posted by Walter Capron, collector.
NORTHWOOD, NH - Notice of dissolution of co-partnership of Morril & Dearborn, posted by Nathaniel Morrill and James Dearborn. An added notice states that Nathaniel Morrill will continue his business at the present store, lately occupied by Morrill & Dearborn.
PIERCY, Coos Co. NH - Public Notice of auction of properties to be held at the dwelling house of Aaron Potter. Describes properties to be auction. Owner names include: Edward Ayres, Ammisier Cutter Esq., Joshua Crocket, Richard Fitzgerald, Frederick Holm, Reuben Herriman, Jesse Johnson, Jonas Clark March, Thomas Martain Esq., Edmund Morse, Caleb Marshall, Joshua Martain, John Noble, Thomas Peverly Jr., Philip Pendexter, William Perkins, Nehemiah Rowell, Thomas Ransom, George R. Treadwell, Caleb Tapin, and George Walton Jr. Ad posted by Aaron Potter, collector.
PIERMONT, Grafton Co. NH - Public Notice of properties to be sold at public auction at the house of William H. Wells, innholder in said Piermont. Includes descriptions and locations of the properties. Owner names include: Hunt farm near Amos Hurds last occupied by Joseph T. Judkins; gristmill owned by J.F. Wilson, last occupied by Asahel Farnsworth; Land claimed by Ezra Bartlett, being a part of lot No. 52 in the 4th division, Noah Doe, Eliphalet Kimball, Richard Underhill, Wiseman Clagget, Daniel Warner, William Parker, Richard Jenness, A. Wiggins, Jonathan Church, Jonathan Carleton, John Hale. Ad placed by George W. Stevens, collector.
POETRY -- Hartford - a dirge.
CANTERBURY, NH - Farm for sale "about one mile west of Canterbury meeting-house, on the road leading from Concord to Sanbornton Bridge. Description of Farm. Ad posted by Tristram C. Dow.
CHICHESTER, NH - Mills for sale in Chichester NH, "lying on the main road leading from Concord to Pittsfield and Gilmanton," formerly owned by Capt. Caleb Pearsons, also two mills, known as Pearson's Mills, also a clothier's mill and machinery. Ad placed by Samuel Plumer Jr. & Co. of Epping NH.
SPRINGFIELD, Sullivan Co., NH - Public notice of sale of properties at the store of Solomon Clement in Springfield NH. Property descriptions and locations. Owner names include: Ephraim French, Jacob B. Collins, Caleb K. Colby, David Tewksbury, and John Mooney formerly to L. Hill. Ad posted by Hiram French, collector.
STRATFORD, Coos Co NH - Public Notice - of property sales at the house of Lawrence C. Beech, Innholder in said Stratford. Description and location of properties. Owner names include: Samuel Averill, Samuel Beers, Joseph Barlow, William Barker, George Craigue, Samuel Curtis, Joseph Holbrook, Agur Judson Jr., David Judson, Abner Judson, Moses Little, Reynold Marvin, Morgan Noble, Samuel Sherburne, Jacob Sheaffe Jr., Beach Tomlinson, Joseph Wooster, Moses Weltan, Joseph Wells. Ad posted by Hiram Lucas, collector.
THORNTON, Grafton Co. NH - Guardian's Sale of Real Estate at the dwelling house of Moody Elliot in Thornton NH. This property was "one third part undivided which Margaret Ann Thornton, a minor and daughter of MATTHEW THORNTON, late of Merrimac [the signer of the Declaration of Independence from NH], has in the following descriped lots of Land, situate in said town of Thornton... more description included. Mentions, Jesse Bowers, guardian, of Dunstable NH. The ad was placed by James B. Thornton and Joseph Greeley, owners in common and undivided of the other two third parts of said land...
WENTWORTH, Grafton Co. NH - Public notice of land auctions at the Inn of Atherton & Lull in Wentworth NH. Describes property with location. Owner names include: Nathan Bachelder, Jacob Currier, Samuel Dudley, Samuel Stevens and Col. Ebenezer Stevens. Ad placed by Moses Eaton 2d, collector.
WHITEFIELD, NH - Executor's Sale, real estate of DARIUS GARNSEY, physician, late of Whitefield, by virtue of a license by Hon. Benjamin Hunking, judge of probate, Coos county. Describes property. Ad placed by John M. Gove, Executor.
WHITEFIELD, NH - Public Notice of property auction, to be held at the store of James Allen in Whitefield NH. Property descriptions and locations given. Owner names include: Josiah Moody, Thomas Clough, Josiah Lang, Eliphalet Neal, William Norton, Samuel Swain, Phinehas Merrick, Aaron Merrick, Joce Merrick, Samuel Carter, Phinehas Hodgdon, David Woods, David Woods Jr., William Farrington, Holton Johnson, Henry Oliver, Jonathan Dix, Nathan Wait, Samuel Nutter, Timothy Nash, Samuel Boltwood, Aaron Newel, Ichabod Weeks, John Lewis, Jeremiah Clough Jr. Esq., James Bigson, John Holden, Henry Clough, Abner Hawes, Moses Randell, Jeremiah Gibson, William Simons, Increase Newell, Benjamin Hurd Jr., James Bradish, Nehemiah Estabrook, Benning Wentworth, Rev. Jeremiah Belknap, Obed Merrick, Henry Gerrish Esq. Ad posted by Baker Dodge, collector.

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