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Vital Statistics (Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce) Name Changes, and Adoptions

In New Hampshire, birth, death and marriage records since 1640 may be obtained EITHER from the City or Town Clerk in the city or town where the event occurred, OR from the NH Division of Vital Records Administration.

START HERE: FAMILYSEARCH.ORG records span billions of names across hundreds collections—including birth, marriage, death, probate, land, military, IGI extracted, and more. (Note: You can click on RESIDENCE and add a location, i.e. New Hampshire, to narrow your search. The ORIGINAL documents are available in some cases!!!!

Please note that the State of NH did not require town clerks to send records to the Bureau until the early 1800's. You probably want to first check with the town clerk for the Individual Town to see what records they do maintain.
. NH Town or City Clerks

Bureau of Vital Records
Division of Vital Records Administration
71 South Fruit Street
Concord, NH 03301-2410
**JUNE 2018** Notice**
"... the Archives building and parking is under construction. We are doubling the size of the Archives vault and increasing our parking. In order to do this the road is being moved and we are having a change of address. As of today we are officially 9 Ratification Way. I’m sending this out so you can pass it on to researchers who are looking to visit us"
Division of Vital Records Administration
9 Ratification Way
Concord NH 03301
(Webmaster's note: until your GPS is updated use the Fruit Street Address to get there, and the old mailing address still works for now)
Telephone: (603) 271-4650
Fax: (603) 271-3447
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:00pm

Customers wishing to obtain a certified copy of a Birth, Marriage, Death or Divorce record will find them at our facility on South Fruit Street (directly across from Memorial Field) in Concord, New Hampshire. This expanded facility also houses a well-appointed research room. The research room allows access to New Hampshire genealogical records dating back to 1640, as well as state archival records. Many local genealogists volunteer their time to assist you in locating your family histories. As always, a photo ID is required to obtain certified copies of vital records.

Under NH statutory requirements and applicable administrative rules, certain older records are open to the public while other, more recent records, are only available when the applicant has a “direct and tangible interest” in the record.

   In accordance with RSA 126:14 in order to have access to a record an applicant shall have "direct and tangible interest" in the requested record. "Immediate family" having direct and tangible interest shall include mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter, great-grandmother, great-grandfather, great-grandchildren, guardian, step-parents, step-children, aunt, uncle, nephew and niece of the registrants or any spouse of a divorced or legally separated person or person whose former marriage has been annulled, in the case of divorce, legal separation or annulment records. It shall not include cousins. A person covered by any one of the above categories qualifies for access to the vital records.
The natural parents of adopted children, adopted outside of the immediate family, when neither has custody, shall not be considered to have direct and tangible interest.

The records records in the genealogy research facility (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC) are in the following categories:
Birth Records – Prior to 1901
Death Records – Prior to 1948
Marriage Records – Prior to 1948
Divorce Records – Prior to 1948

Each town or city clerk maintains the official record for all births and deaths occurring in the town, and of all marriage licenses issued. These records are not always indexed.

The NH Bureau of Vital Statistics arranges data by type of record, filed alphabetically by surname. The records for births, marriages and deaths date from 1640 and divorces from 1880. The Bureau has an index by the bride’s maiden name.

IMPORTANT - One of the most frequently overlooked sources of birth, marriage and death records in New Hampshire are TOWN and COUNTY REPORTS. Many of the towns, especially from the mid 1800s [and some earlier and later] published ANNUAL reports. Many of these towns included in those reports all births, marriages, and deaths, plus great detail on those events. The counties often did the same, specifically for residents at the county farms (where listings of prisoners and paupers would be itemized). [NOTE: Some links to these town reports are contained on this web site, located under the specific town entry]. You can also contact the library, historical society, or town clerk of the specific town involved, or the NH Archives. Each town and county appeared to have its own method of publishing them. For example, an 1895 report might show April 1893-October 1894, so check the report for both the year before and after the year's event. Many of these towns included vital records into the 1930s [possibly later].

American Marriage Records Before 1699 (partial list, searchable) - GoogleBooks

Since many NH folks came from New Hampshire, I am including VITAL RECORDS TO 1850 MASSACHUSETTS (free)

The Social Security Death Index is also a great resource showing your ancestor's date of death, their last place of residence, and you have the ability to send for a copy of the originating documents.  
Rootsweb SSDI Page (free)

BIBLE RECORDS: In addition to checking with your own relatives about old bible records, you should check with the historical societies in the area where your ancestors lived. Another great source of free bible records is BIBLE RECORDS ONLINE.

The concept of adoption was not legally recognized in the United States until the 1850's, with the inception of the first adoption statutes. While transfers of children to substitute parents had occurred informally since American colonial times, adoption statutes legitimized the informal adoptive arrangements which previously existed. During the early years of American society, no formal procedures existed for recording births or name changes. [Typically the only place to find adoption records pre-1850 are in bible notes, in the 1850 US Census notes, in town histories or family journals, an in wills.]

Adoptees BORN in New Hampshire only, when the state received an adoption report, and sealed the original record, and created a new record. You must be the adoptee or their legal representative, or the adoptee's immediate family (adult spouse, adoptive parents, siblings and children, legal representative may be attorney, physician, funeral director or other authorized agent acting on behalf of the applicant or her family).

Adoption Registry Connect

Copies of divorce records may be obtained from the State office or from the Clerk of the Superior Court in the county where the divorce was granted. SEE LOCATION of EVERY COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT IN NEW HAMPSHIRE

Legal change of name will be found in the records of each county. These were published in the Session Laws through 1946. The NH Historical Society has a name index for the period 1796 – 1933. The National Archives has published a Guide to Genealogical Records in the National Archives which serves as one source of information on New Hampshire data available in Washington.

Early NH Executions -- A list of people who were executed in New Hampshire between 1739 and 1939

Newspapers (News, Obituaries, etc)

Newspapers have a wealth of information for you, and a search is certainly worthwhile. These newpapers may provide you with an obituary listing that will not only show your ancestor's date and cause of death, but also their parents, spouse, children, social organizations, occupation, and other details that will help you to create a unique profile.

Information available if you visit the Manchester City Library
- Manchester NH marriages: 1850 to 1947
- Manchester NH deaths: 1850 to 1947
- Manchester NH city directories 1840 to present (typically only shows the name of the head of household, spouse, occupation and residence)
- New Hampshire obituaries: 1863 to present
The marriages, deaths, city directories and church records are all upstairs in the library, in the "New Hampshire Room". The obituaries are on the first floor in the reading room (on microfiche, from the newspaper. NOTE: If you are researching in NH but NOT in Manchester, look at the "State" edition, rather than the "City" edition).

BOSTON PILOT Database - Missing Irish (Boston College) - FREE
From October 1831 through October 1921, the Boston Pilot newspaper printed a “Missing Friends” column with advertisements from people looking for “lost” friends and relatives who had emigrated from Ireland to the United States. This extraordinary collection of more than 31,438 records is available here as a searchable online database, which contains a text record for each ad that appeared in the Pilot

New Hampshire Obituaries - a large page of obituaries in New Hampshire - more recent obituaries from many areas of the United States (searchable, free)

Note: an annual membership to the NEHGS includes access to several online databases of early American newspapers dating back to the 1700s.

SEE the County List, for local newspapers in the area of your research.

Probate Records


The early New Hampshire probate records (from 1623-1771) have been published in the "NH Provincial and State Papers, Vol 31-39" and are available online for free.


Online Book: Probate records of the province of New Hampshire vol. 1, 1635-1717 state papers series vol 31., New Hampshire Probate Court - UNH

Online Book: Probate records of the province of New Hampshire vol. II 1718-1740 state papers series vol. 32

Online Book: Probate Records of the Province of New Hampshire, Vol 3, 1741-1749 State Papers Series Vol. 33, Metcalf & Hammond

Online Book: Probate records of the province of New Hampshire vol. 4 1750-1753 state papers series vol. 34

Online Book: Probate records of the province of New Hampshire vol. 5 1754-1756 state papers series vol. 35

Online Book: Probate records of the province of New Hampshire vol. 6 1757-1760 state papers series vol. 36

Online Book: Probate records of the province of New Hampshire vol. 7 1760-1763 state papers series vol. 37

Online Book: Probate records of the province of New Hampshire vol. 8 1764-1767 state papers series vol. 38

Online Book: Probate records of the province of New Hampshire vol. 9 1767-1771 state papers series vol. 39

New Hampshire, County Probate Estate Files, 1769-1936
[from Family Search]

Alternative Source (#2)
The NH Records and Archives Center has the file of Probate Records from 1623–1771. These have been published in NH Provincial and State Papers vol. 31 – 39. There is a name index. The NH Historical Society has microfilm copies. Each county (see below) has Probate records with name indexes from 1772 to the present.


Probate records can usually be found in the court records of the county where the deceased was last living. In some cases, early records have been moved to other depositories such as state archives, to allow for better security, temperature and humidity control, and more space for newer records. As storage space and available facilities change, so do the sites of probate records.

Look at the records on FamilySearch first. You must know the county in which the the estate was probated. Much/most of these records are not indexed for you. If you cannot find them here then you must contact the County Courthouse.

New Hampshire, County Probate Records, 1660-1973 ; Probate records from Belknap, Carroll, Cheshire, Grafton, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Rockingham, Strafford, and Sullivan counties. [from Family Search]

SEE LOCATION of every Probate Court in New Hampshire.

Hillsborough County Register of Probate
Robert Rivard
30 Spring Street Nashua, NH 03060

Deed & Land Records

The County Registrar duties and responsibilities are mandated by state statute and include the recording, reproduction and indexing of legal documents pertaining to real estate, the reporting to the cities and towns (for tax purposes) of all transfers of property and the maintenance of records dating back to 1771.

If you do not know which county, the town you are researching is within, visit this web site.

LAND RECORDS/DEEDS are kept at the county level, by the Registrar of Deeds for the particular county where the land CURRENTLY is located.

Registrar of Deeds, ALL COUNTIES in NH

Belknap County | Cheshire County | Hillsborough County | Merrimack County
Rockingham County | Strafford County | Sullivan County

Hillsborough Country Register of Deeds
Judith MacDonald, CPO, Registrar
19 Temple Street
P.O. Box 370
Nashua, New Hampshire 03061-0370
Phone. (603) 882-6933 | Fax (603) 882-7527

Land Title Research - NH Archives & Record Management


Since New Hampshire was settled very early, there are many old family cemeteries scattered throughout the state, in addition to the larger, more recognizable ones.
If you know the town/city or county where the cemetery is located, you should also check the County List, and the individual County page, for additional TOWN or CITY cemetery listings. You should also contact a historical society in the area near the cemetery in question.

State of New Hampshire Revised Statues
Cemetery Trustees
Section 289:14
Right of Way to Private Burial Ground. - Any person wishing to have a temporary right of entry over private land in order to enter a private burial ground enclosure to which there is no public right of way may apply in writing to the selectmen of a town or the mayor of a city stating the reason for such request and the period of time for which such right is to be exercised. The applicant shall also notify in writing the owner or occupier of the land over which the right of way is desired. The selectmen or mayor, in the exercise of discretion and in consultation with the cemetery trustees, may issue a permit for such temporary right of entry designating the particular place where the land may be crossed. The owner or occupier of the land may recommend the place of crossing which, if reasonable, shall be the place designated by the selectmen or mayor. Source. 1994, 318:2, eff. Aug. 7, 1994.

ALSO SEE the COUNTY LIST for cemetery listings IN INDIVIDUAL TOWNS, and check with historical societies in the local and surrounding towns for their holdings.

Research Facilities

As a reseacher of New Hampshire genealogy and history for over 25 years, I've listed the best places for you to visit here. You should also check the Historical Society list first, to see if there is a society in the town you are researching.

New Hampshire Historical Society
The Tuck Library
30 Park Street
Concord, NH 03301-6394
Telephone: 603/228-6688
Fax: 603/224-0463
Search the New Hampshire Historical Society Catalog

  • Manchester NH City Library - New Hampshire Room
    Manchester City Library
    405 Pine Street
    Manchester, NH 03104-6199

  • NH Department of Health & Human Services
    Bureau of Vital Records & Health Statistics
    6 Hazen Drive
    Concord, NH 03301-6527
    TDD Access: Relay NH 1-800-735-2964
    (603) 271-4650

  • New Hampshire State Records and Archives
    71 South Fruit Street
    Concord, NH 03301
    (603) 271-2236
    • Genealogical Resources at the NH Archives (description of what is available here).
    • The following information is available:
      • Genealogy & family histories
      • Probate Records (volumes & individual files)
      • Deeds (land transactions)
      • Petitions
      • Military Indexes
      • Provincial (card index)
      • Revolutionary War Index
      • Court Records
      • Provincial (card index)
      • Censuses (1732, 1765, 1776, 1800 + 1850-1880 on microfilm)
      • Town records
      • Miscellaneous Records (Secretary of State); Legislative lists (House and Senate Rosters); Index to Laws; Index to Executive Council Minutes
      • Name Change Index
Immigration & Naturalization


If you live in the United States (and unless you are a Native American), your family immigrated at some point between the early 1600's and today. By the year 2002, 33.1 million immigrants (legal and illegal) were recorded as living in the United States (there were only 13.5 million immigrants in 1910).

In New Hampshire, in the year 2000, 4.4% of the population was foreign born (compared with 11.1% nationally). The original settlers of New Hampshire came mainly from England, Ireland and Scotland. These were followed by immigrants from Canada (many of French origin), Sweden, Germany, Poland, and other countries.


Canada Gen Web - USGenWeb site about Canadian Ancestors is a bilingual website that can assist you in researching your Canadian ancestors. Users have access to hundreds of works.

Library and Archives, Canada, Census Records (Free)

Irish Immigrant Database - "Information Wanted" - advertisements published in the Boston Pilot 1831 - 1921 (searchable) - Boston College - free access to a database of information on 10 million immigrants from 1830 through 1892 (the year Ellis Island Opened). Over 73 million American can trace their ancestors to this early immigration period.

Ellis Island, New York Search Passenger Arrival Records

Immigration & Naturalization Records
- from NARA - US National Archives & Record Administration

Immigration - Ship Arrival Records - from NARA [records from 1538-1959]

Manifest of passengers arriving in the St. Albans, VT District through Canadian Pacific, and Atlantic Ports, 1895-1954 [microform] (Volume Reel 0089 - Manifest of passengers arriving in the St. Albans, VT District through Canadian Pacific, and Atlantic Ports, 1895-1954 - Jan. 19o9, NO. STRATFORD, NH-Jan. 1909, PORTAL, ND Vol. 53)

Greek Immigration in NH - a PDF file

American-French Genealogical Society Research Links

The Scottish Emigration Database currently contains the records of over 21,000 passengers who embarked at Glasgow and Greenock for non-European ports between 1 January and 30 April 1923, and at other Scottish ports between 1890 and 1960. - free

Most naturalization records for the period before 1906 have been microfilmed by the LDS church and the films may be rented through the LDS Family History Centers. Many have also been indexed or transcribed for publication, and as such, are available at local and regional libraries. For naturalization records after September 1906, contact the National Archives Northeast Region [see contact info above] or the nearest office of Immigration and Naturalization Service. If you don't know where your ancestor was naturalized, ask INS to check their Index to Naturalizations 1906-1956.

Census Records

Note about census records: it is to your advantage to view the original census record, as the census indexer or compiler may not have correctly copied information important to researching your family tree.

REGARDING CENSUS RECORDS: Some census records (the original documents) are available through HeritageQuest and These services are often times offered FOR FREE through your local library, and are also often accessible through your home computer. Please check with your local library for details! In the State of NH, HeritageQuest and these census databases are offered ONLINE if you have a valid NH Library card.

Every census year compiled different types of information. To understand better what can be found in various years, look here at the official overview of the 1790 to 2010 censuses.

Also see "Guide to Census Research" that explains each of the censuses, what information is provided, etc.

1792 Census of Population and Housing
(for states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia. Unfortunately not searchable.) - The six inquiries in 1790 called for the name of the head of the family and the number of persons in each household of the following descriptions: Free White males of 16 years and upward (to assess the country’s industrial and military potential), free White males under 16 years, free White females, all other free persons (by sex and color), and slaves. - FREE Online (U.S. Census Bureau in PDF format)

If you don't mind scrolling through the census pages for entire towns, cities or counties, many of the census images are FREE on the Internet archives.

The NH State Library has the original schedules for the 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, decennial US censuses. It also has microfilm copies of the 1800, 1810, 1820, and 1830 decennial censuses and printed copies of the first US census taken in 1790.

Internet Archive: 1820 New Hampshire Census. MISSING is Merrimack County, Belknap County and Grafton County. "The Three volumes of schedules for five of the six counties of New Hampshire in 1820 are reproduced on Rolls 59-61` of this microfilm pulication. Schedules for Grafton County, and for some of the sub-divisions of Coos, Rockingham and Strafford are missing. A recapitulation for the entire States is in Volume 3, reproduced on roll 61 of this microcopy. The schedules for the five counties are distributed among the rolls as follows: Cheshire 59, Coos 59, Hillsboro 61, Rockingham, 60, Strafford 61." | Cheshire and Coos County | Hillsborough and Stratford Counties | Rockingham County |

The New Hampshire Historical Society has a photostat of the 1800 census. The U.S. Census Bureau also maintains limited genealogical resources on its website.

The Church of the Latter Day Saints, along with several paid services provide access to the original census records.

United States Census of Union Veterans and Widows of the Civil War, 1890 [FamilySearch]

SEE the USGenWeb Archives, under the COUNTY LIST to see if free census records are provided for your area of research.


A number of online histories and databases are available for those researching in New Hampshire including:


Family Genealogies at the UNH Library (book name reference only)

Genealogy on the internet archive (free online books, searchable)

Histories of New Hampshire Towns
(list only) [SEE online histories and databases for individual TOWNS on this web site by looking at the COUNTY in which they exist]

Genealogical Guide to the Early Settlers of America: With a Brief History of Those of the First Generation and References to the Various Local Histories, and Other Sources of Information where Additional Data May be Found, by Henry Whittemore, 1898, in three parts on the Internet Archive
Surnames A-El | El-J | J-Pr |

SEE COUNTY LIST for more histories and/or databases

SEE New Hampshire Family Trees and Biographies

For for your family here:search in Google Books

Court Records

SEE Probate Court Section for wills, or Vital Statistics Section for Divorce Records

New Hampshire Court Resources by Jurisdiction

New Hampshire Provincial Court Records (1652-1688) - UNH Free online

Online book: New Hampshire court records, 1640-1692. Court papers, 1652-1668. State papers vol. 40

Outside U.S. Research
Town/City Records

Records of town or city actions, tax inventories and other town or city information are found in each city or town clerk’s office. Town Charters recorded by the Provincial Government or the Masonian Proprietors are in the NH Records and Archives Center and are published in NH Provincial and State Papers, Vol. 11, 12, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28. Some towns have the original charter and a few are in the NH Historical Society and other libraries.

The NH State Library has a name index to the early town records. Not every town is included and the last date is frequently 1835. Search the NH Library to see if your town or area of research is included.

Town/City Annual Reports
- Free UNH

Some towns have deposited their early records in the NH Historical Society or the NH State Library. Early town records were copied, by order of the legislature, and are in the NH State Library. There is a comprehensive name index. These are also available on microfilm.

What were the responsibilities of the early Town officers? What forms did they use, and what guidelines. Here is a free online book, "The New-Hampshire Town Officer," by William Merchant Richardson and published in 1829 that explained everything a New Hampshire town officer needed ot know in that year.

Warnings Out are available in the NH Records and Archives Center. The NH Historical Society has a name index. This is a term used in the early days of town settlement for documents prepared by town officials to relieve the town of responsibility if the settler became a pauper, or sometimes if the town believed the individuals were "undesirable." In some cases they were deemed undesirable due to their religious affiliations and practices.

ALSO search for individual towns or cities here, search in Google Books

Church Records

Original records are usually found at the church where the event occurred. When a church was discontinued the records were sometimes deposited with the state (religious) organization. Many churches have deposited their early records in the NH Historical Society. Other libraries may have a few records.

Listing of churches in New Hampshire
- from Church Angel

The Diocese of Manchester: The Catholic Church in NH

Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire

JewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy

The Native Ministry of New Hampshire - online FREE book (GoogleBooks) detailing New Hampshire ministers (printed in 1906)

SEE County List, and individual towns for specific church records

Military Records

***A Helpful Hint for researching New Hampshire Military Records: MANY New Hampshire towns had town histories which included those who served from pre-revolutionary through the Civil War, and often to the Spanish-American War. On this web site, look at the County pages, and then at the individual town/city listings to see if there is a link to that specific written history. ***

Research A Veteran - instruction by the National WW2 Museum in New Orleans, LA on military research, including those who died or were lost in American wars.

Ten Essential Tasks For U.S. Genealogists on Veterans Day - blog, Cow Hampshire

Pre-Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War

War of 1812

Civil War (War of the Rebellion)

Spanish-American War (April 25–August 12, 1898)
First New Hampshire Infantry-Official title, First New Hampshire Volunteers. Headquarters, Concord. Organized May 7, 1898. Mustered in for war with Spain, May 7-12, 1898. Strength in officers and men for war with Spain, 1,009. Commanded by Col. Robert H. Rolfe during war operations. Stationed during war at Camp Thomas, Chickamauga, Ga. Casualties during campaign: 32 deaths. The regiment was mustered out at Concord, Oct. 31, 1898. The First New Hampshire Infantry, embracing the full quota of the State, consisted of the Third Regiment, New Hampshire National Guard, with two companies of the First and Second Regiments added.

Additional History: NH and The War with Spain--The call of President McKinley for 125,000 men to serve two years was issued April 23, 1898. The quota of New Hampshire was one regiment of twelve companies, each of not less than eighty-one or more than eighty-four officers and men. Col. Robert H. Rolfe, the senior colonel, was selected to command the regiment of volunteers. To the eight companies of the third regiment were joined two companies from the first regiment and two from the second; each company was recruited to the required stanards. This regument, comprising 1009 officers and men, was designated the First Regiment New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry and left the State, May 17, 1898. On this second call of the President for 75,000 men the quota of this State was 318. The number was enlisted and ordered into service as recruits to the New Hampshire Regiment. Returning, the regiment arrived in Concord, Sept. 8, 1898, and Oct 18 was mustered out of service of the United States. [from History of Plymouth NH, by Ezra Stearns, page 490.

MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENT: WEST, WALTER SCOTT. Rank and organization: Private, U.S. Marine Corps. Born: 13 March 1872, Bradford, N.H. Accredited to: New Hampshire. G.O. No.: 521, 7 July 1899. Citation: On board the U.S.S. Marblehead during the operation of cutting the cable leading from Cienfuegos, Cuba, 11 May 1898. Facing the heavy fire of the enemy, West displayed extraordinary bravery and coolness throughout this action. He is buried in Bradford, Merrimack Co. NH.

World War I (August 1914 to November 11, 1918)

World War II (December 8, 1941 to August 14, 1945)


Korean and Vietnam Conflicts
---Korean War (June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953)
---Vietnam War (1959 to April 30, 1975)

War and Conflicts in the Middle East
---Gulf War (August 2, 1990 to February 28, 1991)
The 1991 Gulf War was a conflict between Iraq and a coalition force of approximately 30 nations. The Gulf War led by the United States and mandated by the United Nations in order to liberate Kuwait.U.S. Casualties: 378 deaths, less than 1000 wounded in action

---Iraq War (March 20, 2003 to December 15, 2011)
An on-going conflict in the Middle Eastern country of Iraq, which began with the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The U.S.-led coalition overthrew Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and occupied Iraq in an attempt to establish a new governmental regime. U.S. Casualties: 4,404 deaths; 31,827 wounded in action
--- Afghanistan War (October 7, 2001 to present)
The wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, marking the beginning of its War on Terrorism campaign, seeking to oust the Taliban and find al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. The officially-stated purpose of the invasion was to destroy al-Qaeda and deny them sanctuary and freedom of movement within Afghanistan.

Other Military Service

Native American Research


African American Research

NEW HAMPSHIRE NAME CHANGES *NEW in 2015, Additions in 2016*
[years being updated so check back here]
Names would have been legally changed in the NH Probate Court for divorce, adoptions or just preference. All of these name changes were printed publicly, i.e. either in a legislative publication and/or in the newspapers.

- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1818
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1826
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1827
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1828
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1829
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1830
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1831
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1832
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1833
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1834
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1835
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1836
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1837
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1838
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1839
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1840
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1841
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1842
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1843
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1844
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1845
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1847
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1848
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1849
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1850
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1851
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1852
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1853
- New Hampshire Name Changed in 1854
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1872
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1873
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1874
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1875
- New Hampshire Name Changes in 1876
- New Hampshire Name Changes from June 1876 to June 1877
- New Hampshire Name Changes from June 1877 to June 1878
- New Hampshire Name Changes from June 1878 to June 1879
- New Hampshire Name Changes from June 1879 to June 1881
- New Hampshire Name Changes From June 1881 to June 1883
- New Hampshire Name Changes from June 1883 to June 1885
- New Hampshire Name Changes from June 1885 to June 1887
- New Hampshire Name Changes from June 1889 to January 1891
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1895 to January 1897
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1897 to January 1899
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1899 to January 1901

- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1901 to January 1903
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1903 to January 1905
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1907 to January 1909
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1909 to January 1911
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1911 to January 1913
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1913 to January 1915
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1915 to January 1917
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1917 to January 1919
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1919 to January 1921
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1921 to January 1923
- New Hampshire Name Changed from January 1923 to January 1925
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1925 to January 1927
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1935 to January 1937
- New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1937 to January 1939

NEW!!! - Oct 24, 1831 New Hampshire Newspaper
SEE actual photographs of public notices, death notices, advertising, probate court
notices and more from throughout NH in the New Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette on that date.

ArchiveGrid - a free search engine that looks for historical documents, personal papers, and family histories held in archives around the world. Thousands of libraries, museums, and archives have contributed nearly a million collection descriptions to ArchiveGrid. Researchers searching ArchiveGrid can learn about the many items in each of these collections, contact archives to arrange a visit to examine materials, and order copies.

Provincial and State Papers of New Hampshire - multiple volumes

Online Book: Town Charters, Granted Within the Present Limits of New Hampshire, Vol 25

Online Book: Provincial Papers: Documents and Records Relating to the Province of New-Hampshire from 1686 to 1722, compiled by Nathaniel Boulton, Vol 2

Commercial Directory, by J.C. Kayser, Published in 1823 [Information relating to New Hampshire only linked here, but entire book available] - Google Books [If your ancestor had a business in New Hampshire prior to 1823 you might look here]

Don't have a clue where your New England ancestors came from? Try looking in this free book! Biblio Genealogical Americana: An Alphabetical Index to American Genealogy, by Daniel Steele Durrie, published 1886 (searchable)

One Thousand New Hampshire Notables: Brief Biographical Sketches, by Frances H.H. Metcalf; Rumsford Printing; 1919 (searchable)

New England Gazetteer - brief descriptions of towns and cities in NH (in 1839)

Family Trees - countless entire family trees exist on this web site. The easiest way to find them is to use the search box found at the top of this page.

Historical Societies, Associations & Historical Museums (in NH)

Acworth Historical Society
PO Box 37
South Acworth, NH 03607-0037
Contact: Doug Robinson, President

Acworth's Silsby Library
5 Lynn Hill Road
Acworth NH 03601

Albany Historical Society
1972 RT 16
Albany NH 03818
Elaine Wales, President

Meetings held 4th Tuesday of March, June, September, November. Museum open 1st Tuesday of each month from 1-3PM, and 4th Tuesday 5-8PM, 4th Tuesday in June through the 1st Tuesday in October.

Also see
Henney History Room, Conway Public Library
Alexandria Historical Society
c/o Pat Moore
317 Shem Valley Rd
Alexandria , NH 03222-6110
Allenstown Historical Society
PO Box 94
Suncook NH 03275
Contact: Laura Bonk, President

Alstead Historical Society
PO Box 16
Alstead NH 03602
Fax: 603-835-6279
[contact the town]

Alton Historical Society
Address: PO Box 536
Alton, NH 03809-0536
(603) 875-5456

American-Canadian Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 6478
Manchester, NH 03108-6478

American Independence Museum
1 Governor's Lane
Exeter NH 03833-2420

Contact: Debbie Kane, Director of Development
Fax: 603-772-0861

Americas Stonehenge
PO Box 84
North Salem NH 03073
Contact: Pat Stone, Operations Manager
Fax: 603-893-5889
Amherst Historical Society
PO Box 717
Amherst NH 03031-0717
Membership, contact Perrin Enriquez Membership Chair (603) 673-4316; Museum Tours call (603) 672-9831
Andover Historical Society
P.O. Box 167
Andover, NH 03216
or info

Andover Historical Society Museum
Routes 4 and 11
Potter Place, NH
Phone: 603-735-5694
This museum is set in a Victorian era railroad station, complete with a caboose, railroad artifacts, a log boat, and an authentic station master's office. Open May - October. Free admission.
Antrim Historical Society
PO Box 172
Antrim NH 03440
Ashland Historical Society
PO Box 175
Ashland NH 03217
Phone: 603-968-7716
. Atkinson Historical Society
Academy Avenue
PO BOX 863
Atkinson, NH 03811
Auburn Historical Association
102 Hooksett Road
Auburn NH 03032-3225

Barnstead Historical Society
PO Box 11
Center Barnstead, NH 03225
Barrett House
Main Street
New Ipswich NH 03071
Bartlett Historical Society
PO Box 514
Bartlett NH 03812
(603) 383-4110
Barrington Historical Society
Barrington, New Hampshire

Call for info 603-664-2740
or write to
Box 462, Barrington, NH 03825

Bath Historical Society
PO Box 44
Bath NH 03740

Beaver Brook Farm & Transportation Museum
78 Brook Road
Mont Vernon NH 03057-1912

Bedford Historical Society
24 North Amherst Road
Bedford NH 03110-5404
Belknap Mill Society
The Mill Plaza
25 Beacon Street East
Laconia NH 03246
Belmont Historical Society
c/o Belmont Town Hall
Berlin & Coos County Historical Society
P.O. Box 52
Berlin, NH 03570
Tel.: (603) 752-4590

They do genealogical research for a donation and costs, and cover the immediate area around Berlin/Gorham from the Moffett House Museum & Genealogy Center in Berlin.
Bethlehem Heritage Society
PO Box 148
Bethlehem NH 03574
Phone: 603-869-2619
Fax: 603-869-5456
Bennington Historical Society
38 Main Street
P.O. Box 50
Bennington, NH 03442

Boscawen Historical Society Museum
226 King Street
P.O. Box 3067
Boscawen, NH 03303
Phone: 603-796-6241
Contact: [use contact page]

Bow Historical Society
10 Grandview Road
Bow NH 03304
Contact: Dick Stevens, Chairman,
Bradford Historical Society
PO Box 551
Bradford NH 03221
Contact: Mildred Kittredge, Archivist
Brentwood Historical Society
1 Dalton Road
Brentwood, NH 03833
Contact: Norm Wilson., President
Meetings: 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30 p.m.
Brentwood Museum 140 Crawley Falls Road Brentwood, NH 03833
Bristol Historical Society
PO Box 400
Bristol NH 03222
Brookline Historical Society
PO Box 595
Brookline NH 03033
Campton Historical Society
PO Box 160
Campton NH 03223
Canaan Historical Society
PO Box 402
Canaan Street
Canaan NH 03741
Phone: 603-523-7364
This museum houses historic items from the 18th and 19th centuries. Of particular interest is a collection of Shaker items. Open June - October.
Candia Historical Society
P.O. Box 300
Candia, NH 03034
Contact: Ed Fowler, President
Canterbury Historical Society
P.O. Box 206
Canterbury, NH 03224
Contact: Charles Sanborn, President
Canterbury Shaker Village
288 Shaker Road
Canterbury, NH 03224
PHONE: (603) 783-9511
Catholic Diocesan Museum
140 Laurel Street
Manchester NH 03101
Contact: Judith Fosher
Phone: 603-624-1729
Center Harbor Historical Society
Route 25B
PO Box 98
Center Harbor NH 03226-0098
Chatham Historical Society
Route 113B
1209 Main Road
Chatham NH 03813
Charlestown Historical Society
P.O. Box 159
Charlestown, NH 03603

Contact: Joyce Higgins, President
They have all the cemetery records
for the town of Charlestown, and answer inquiries. They
have separate indexes for both town histories. One is already online (Saunderson's History), the other (Frizzell) we have in pamphlet form. Their
Archives Room, Town Hall, Summer Street, is open every Tuesday morning, 9:00
a.m. to 12:00 noon, for research of any kind. They have a large Archives

Cheshire County Historical Society and Archives
246 Main Street
P.O. Box 803
Keene, NH 03431
(603) 352-1895

Chester Historical Society
39 Haverhill Road
P.O. Box 34
Chester, NH 03036
Chesterfield Historical Society
P.O. Box 204
Chesterfield, NH 03443
Chichester Historical Society
c/o Chichester Library
Main Street
Chichester, NH 03263
Claremont Historical Society
26 Mulberry Street
Claremont, NH 03743
Phone: 603-543-1400

Museum collections of early New England artifacts, focusing on Claremont history. Admission is free. Open June - September.
Cohos Historical Society
PO Box 262
North Stratford NH 03590
Phone: 603-922-8337
FaceBook Page
Colebrook Area Historical Society
P.O. Box 32
Colebrook, NH 03576

Concord Historical Society
29 School St, Concord, NH 03301
Phone:(603) 228-8101
[contact page on web site]
[FaceBook page for CHS]

Conway Historical Society
100 Main St
PO Box 1949
Conway NH 03818-6164
Phone: 603-447-5551
Email: email:
Cornish Historical Society
RR 2, Box 416
Cornish, NH 03745
Croydon Historical Society
879 NH Route 10
Croydon, NH 03773
Currier Museum of Art
201 Myrtle Street
Manchester NH 03104
Phone: 603-669-6144
Fax: 603-669-7194
Dalton Historical Society
c/o Terri L. Parks, President
220 Union Road
Dalton NH 03598
Dartmouth College Archives
Rauner Special Collections Library
6065 Webster Hall
Hanover, NH 03755
Tel: (603) 646-0538
Deering Historical Society
RR 1, Box 69
Deering, NH 03244
Deerfield Heritage Commission
60 South Road
Deerfield, NH 03037
(603) 463-7151
Deerfield Historical Society
PO Box 41
Deerfield NH 03037
Contact: Rodney P Swanson, President
Fax: 603-463-7563
Derry Historical Museum
29 West Broadway
Derry NH 03038
Contact: Richard Holmes, Chair Heritage Commission
Derry Historical Society and Museum
65 Birch Street
Derry, NH 03038
Contact: Ralph Bonner, President
Dorchester Historical Society
c/o Patricia E. Franz
2048 NH Route 118
Dorchester NH 03266
Phone: 603-523-7136 or 603-543-1400
Museum exhibits feature maps, documents and other items pertaining to the history of the area. A donation is requested. Open June - September.
Dublin Historical Society
P.O. Box 415
Dublin, NH 03444
603-563-8545 for an appointment.
Email: OR
Dummer Historical Society
1344 East Side River Road
Dummer NH 03588
Dunbarton Historical Society
1 Rangeway Road
Dunbarton, NH 03046
Durham Historic Society
Main St & Newmarket Rd
Durham 03824
Durham Historical Association
P.O. Box 305
Durham, NH 03824
East Kingston Historical Society
24 Depot Road
East Kingston NH 03827
Janet Damsel 603-642-5405
Susan St. Martin (603) 642-6652
Mary Baker Eddy Historic House
[Longyear Museum]
PO Box 464
Rumney NH 03266
Effingham Historical Society
P.O. Box 33
South Effingham, NH 03882
Enfield Historical Society
PO Box 612
Enfield NH 03748
Contact: Marjorie Carr, Historian 623-7740
Enfield Shaker Museum
24 Caleb Dyer Lane
Enfield NH 03748
Phone: 603-632-4346
Fax: 603-362-4346 call first
Epping Historical Society
PO Box 348
Town/City: EPPING
Contact: Madlynn Williamson, Curator
Epsom Historical Association
PO Box 814,
Epsom, NH 03234
Errol Historical Society
PO Box 225
Errol NH 03579
Exeter Historical Society
47 Front Street
P.O. Box 924
Exeter, NH 03833
(603) 778-2335
Fitts Museum
PO Box 91
Candia NH 03034

Fitzwilliam Historical Society
[link dead 11/25/05]
PO Box 87
Fitzwilliam NH 03447
Phone: 603-585-7742

The Fort At No. 4
267 Springfield Road, Rte. 11
P.O. Box 1336
Charlestown, NH 03603
(Toll-Free in the US):888-367-8284
Fax: 603-826-3368
Franconia Heritage Museum
553 Main Street, PO Box 169
Franconia, NH 03580
Francestown Improvement & Historical Society
PO Box 147
Francestown NH 03043-0147
Franco-American Centre
52 Concord Street
Manchester NH 03101
Franklin Historical Society
P.O. Box 43
Franklin, NH 03235
Freedom Historical Society
PO Box 548
Freedom NH 03836-0548
Allard House and Works Museum open Saturday 10-12 Sunday 2-4 PM July-August. Meetings held 1st Tuesday of the month except January February and August.
Fremont Historical Society
225 South Road
Fremont NH 03044
Friends of Governor Wentworth Historic Site
PO Box 2126
Wolfeboro NH 03894-2126

Friends of Pisgah, Inc.
PO Box 134
Chesterfield NH 03443

The Frost Place
PO Box 74
Franconia, NH 03580
Fuller Gardens
10 Willow Avenue
North Hampton NH 03862
Fax: 603-964-8901
Gilmanton Historical Society
PO Box 236
Gilmanton NH 03237-0236
Gilsum Historical Society
P.O. Box 205
Gilsum, NH 03448
Goffstown Historical Society
PO Box 284
Goffstown NH 03045
Contact: see website for contacts
Gorham Historical Society
25 Railroad Street
Gorham NH 03581-1638
Dorothy Eichel, Secretary/Membership Director
Township of Grafton Historical Society
PO Box 173
Grafton NH 03240
Contact: Doris Sentor, 603-523-7522, Email:
Greenfield Historical Society
828 Forest Road, Greenfield, NH 03047
(603) 547-2759
Greenland Historical Society
459 Portsmouth Avenue
Greenland, NH 03840
Greenville Historical Society
c/o Marshall Buttrick
240 Adams Hill Road
Greenville NH 03848
Contact: Marshall A Buttrick, President
Groton Historical Society
PO Box 50
Rumney NH 03266
Phone: 603-786-2335
Hampstead Historical Society
PO Box 654
Hampstead NH 03841-0654
Contact: Suzanne Buckland, Curator
Hampton Falls Historical Society
PO Box 104
Hampton Falls NH 03844
Contact: Beverly Mutrie, President
Hampton Historians, Inc.
3 Thomsen Road
Hampton, NH 03842
Hampton Historical Society
PO Box 1601
Hampton, NH 03843-1601
Hancock Depot Association
PO Box 152
Hancock NH 03449
Contact: Charles Stevens, President
Hancock Historical Society
PO Box 138
Hancock NH 03449
Contact: Gloria Neary, Registrar,
OR 603-525-9379

Hanover Historical Society
PO Box 142
Hanover NH 03755-0142
Phone: 603-646-3371 (seasonal)

Historic Harrisville, Inc.
6 Mill Alley
PO Box 79
Harrisville NH 03450

Phone: 603-827-3722
Harold Gilman Historical Museum
P.O. Box 428
Alton, NH 03809
Haverhill Historical Society
PO Box 52
Haverhill NH 03765
Phone: 603-989-5978
Hawke Historical Society of Danville
P.O. Box 402
Danville, NH 03819
Hebron Historical Society
PO Box 89
Hebron NH 03241
Contact: Barbara Brooks, President
Henniker Historical Society
PO Box 674
Henniker, NH 03242
Henney History Room--Conway Public Library
PO Box 2100
Conway NH 03818
Phone: 603-447-5552
Heritage Concord, Inc.
P.O. Box 334,
Concord, NH 03302-0334
Heritage New Hampshire
PO Box 1776
Glen NH 03838
Phone: 603-383-4293
Hill Historical Society
P.O. Box 193
Hill, NH 03243
Contact: John P. Chandler, President
Hillsborough (Town) Historical Society
P.O. Box 896
Hillsborough, NH 03244
617-901-7082 [2014 per web site]
Hinsdale Historical Society
RR 2, River Street, Box 9
Hinsdale, NH 03451
Holderness Historical Society
PO Box 319
Holderness NH 03245-0319
Hollis Historical Society
PO BOX 754
Hollis, NH 03079
Hooksett Historical Society
16 Main Street
Hooksett NH 03106
Contact: David Paquette, President
Horatio Colony House Museum
199 Main Street
Keene NH 03431
Hudson Historical Society
PO Box 475
Hudson NH 03051-0475
Contact: Lynn Ober, Clerk
or David Alykonis, President
Jackson Historical Society
PO Box 8
Jackson, NH 03846
Jaffrey Center Village Improvement Society
PO Box 772
Jaffrey NH 03452
Jaffrey Historical Society
40 Main Street
Jaffrey, NH 03452

Jaffrey Historic District Commission
James House Association
Towle Farm Road
PO Box 234
Hampton NH 03843
Contact: Robert Dennett, President
Jefferson Historical Society
PO Box 143
Jefferson NH 03583
Keene Historical Society
246 Main St
Keene 03431-4143
Kensington Historical Society
c/o Kensington Public Library
126 Amesbury Road
Kensington, NH 03833
Kimball Jenkins Estate
266 North Main Street
Concord NH 03301
Contact: Nicole Clock, Office Manger
Fax: 603-225-9288
Kingston Imp & Historical Society
PO Box 663
Kingston NH 03848-0663
Contact: Joyce Davies Sec./Treas.
Kingston Town Museum
c/o Daniel Luparello
PO Box 710
Kingston NH 03842
Contact: Daniel Luparello, Dir.
Laconia Historical & Museum Societies, Inc.
PO Box 1126
Laconia, NH 03246
Lakes Region Heritage Roundtable
PO Box 1492
Center Harbor NH 03226
Lake Winnipesaukee Historical Society
PO Box 5386
Weirs, NH 03247
603-366-8463 ext. 318
Lancaster Historical Society
226 Main Street
P.O. Box 473
Lancaster, NH 03584
(603) 788-3004
Lebanon Historical Society
PO Box 18
Lebanon NH 03766
Contact: Mary Jane Thibodeau, Pres., 603-298-7932
Lee Historical Society
Lee Town Hall
7 Mast Road
Lee, NH 03824

Public Libraries in New Hampshire (list and links)
Libby Museum
PO Box 629
Wolfeboro NJ 03844
Lisbon Historical Society
45 School Street
Lisbon NH 03585
Phone: 603-838-6615
Fax: 603-838-6615
Litchfield Historical Society
168 Charles Bancroft Highway
Litchfield NH 03052
Contact: Dr .Steven Calawa
Littleton Area Historical Society
1 Cottage Street
Littleton NH 03561
Contact: James McCabe, Pres
Londonderry Historical Society
P.O. Box 136
Londonderry, NH 03053
Loudon Historical Society
PO Box 7837
Loudon NH 03307
Contact: Richard Malfait, President

Lyndeborough Historical Society
1325 Center Road
Lyndeborough NH 03082
Contact: Mrs. Helen Van Ham
Lyme Historians
c/o William Murphy
PO Box 41
Lyme NH 03768
Contact: c/o William Murphy
Phone: 603-795-2287 or
Madbury Historical Society
13 Town Hall Road
Madbury, NH 03820
Madison Historical Society
PO Box 505
Madison, NH 03849
Manchester Historic Association
129 Amherst St
Manchester 03101-1809
Mariposa Museum of World Culture
26 Main Street
Peterborough NH 03485
Contact: Linda Marsella, Director
Marlborough Historical Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 202
Marlborough, NH 03455
The Marlow Historical Society
PO Box 12
Marlow, NH 03456
Membership Chairman: Maria Baril, 603-446-2292
(updated Nov 2016)

Mason Historical Society
16 Darling Hill Road
Mason NH 03048-9600
Contact: Selectman's Office
Fax: 603-878-6146

Meredith Historical Society
45 Main St
Meredith, NH 03253
Merrimack Historical Society
P.O. Box 1525
520 Boston Post Road
Merrimack, NH 03054-1525
Merrimack NH Historic Commission
Town of Merrimack NH
Merrimack Society Of Genealogists
P.O. Box 1035
Concord 03302
Milford Historical Society
6 Union Street
PO Box 609
Milford 03055
President, Kevin Talor
Milton Township Historical Society
P.O. Box 621
Milton, NH 03851
Moffat-Ladd House & Garden
154 Market Street
Portsmouth NH 03801
Fax: 603-431-9063
Monadnock Historical Societies Forum
c/o HS of Cheshire County
PO Box 803
Keene NH 03431
Monroe Historical Society
60 Fairfield Road
Monroe NH 03771
Contact: Charles Hammer, President
Mont Vernon Historical Society
PO Box 15
Mont Vernon NH 03057
Contact: Sandra Kent, Assistant Curator
Moultonborough Historical Society
P.O. Box 6549
Moultonborough, NH 03254
Mt. Kearsage Indian Museum
Kearsage Mountain Road
PO Box 142
Warner, NH 03278-0142
Contact: Krista Katz, Executive Director
Fax: 603-456-3092
Mt Washington Cog Railway
3168 Base Station Road
Mount Washington, NH 03589
(800) 922-8825
Museum of Childhood
2784 Wakefield Road
Wakefield NH 03872
Phone: 603-522-8073
Museum of Family Camping
[possibly now closed]
157 Deerfield Road
Allenstown NH 03275
Contact: Shirley Heise, President
603-239-6745 603-239-4768
Muster Field Farm / Harvey Homestead
PO Box 118
North Sutton NH 03260
Nashua Historical Society
5 Abbott Street
Nashua NH 03064
Contact: Beth McCarthy, Curator
Fax: 603-889-8515
Nelson Town Archives
HCR 33, Box 660
Nelson NH 03457
New Boston Historical Society
New Boston Historical Society
2 Central Square
P.O. Box 595
New Boston, New Hampshire 03070
(603) 487-2526
New Castle Archives & Records Committee
Phone: 603-431-6854
New Castle Historical Society
PO Box 89
Newcastle NH 03854
Contact: Rodney Roland, President
New England Ski Museum
PO Box 267
Franconia NH 03580-0267
Contact: Jeff Leich, Executive Director
Phone: 603-823-7177
Fax: 603-823-9505
[NOTE: The above link MAY be a dead link. Here is a link to the ARCHIVE of the web site]
New England Telephone Museum
22 East Main Street
Warner, NH 03278
(603) 456-2234

New Hampshire Antiquarian Society
(Now part of the Hopkinton NH Historical Society)
New Hampshire Archaeology Society
P.O. Box 406
Concord, NH 03320-0406
New Hampshire Aviation Historical Society
PO Box 3653
Concord, NH 03302-3653
New Hampshire Boat Museum
PO Box 1195
Wolfeboro Falls NH 03896
New Hampshire Daughters of the American Revolution New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources
State of New Hampshire, Department of Cultural Resources
19 Pillsbury Street, 2nd floor, Concord, NH 03301-2043
603-271-3483 or 271-3558
New Hampshire Farm Museum
(603) 652-7840
PO Box 644 Rt. 125
Plummer's Ridge
Milton, NH 03851

New Hampshire Fire Museum
PO Box 2115
Lebanon NH 03766
Contact: Charles Harrington
4 Patricia Court
Enfield, NH 03748
(603) 632-4998
N.H. Founders & Patriots
J. Frank Goodwin, III
244 N Main St
Wolfboro, NH 03894
New Hampshire Historical Society
The Tuck Library
30 Park Street
Concord, NH 03301-6394
Telephone: 603/228-6688
New Hampshire Land & Community Heritage Investment Program
10 Dixon Avenue
Concord, NH 03301
New Hampshire Preservation Alliance
87 North State Street, 2nd Floor
PO Box 268
Concord, NH 03302-0268
Telephone (603) 224-2281
Fax (603) 226-9368
New Hampshire Snowmobile Museum
PO Box 10112
Concord NH 03301-0112
Contact: Geroge Burdick, President
New Hampshire Society Of Genealogists
P.O. Box 2316
Concord 03302-2316
New Hampshire Old Graveyard Association
Frederick M. Wood, Governor
19 Pearl Street
Concord, NH 03301-4402
N.H. Sons of American Revolution
Richard C. Wright, President
10 Columbia Ave.
Londonderry, NH 03053
New Hampshire Telephone Museum
PO Box 444
Warner NH 03278
Contact: Paul E Violette, President
Phone: 603-456-2234
New Hampton Historical Society
P.O. Box 422
New Hampton, NH 03256
New Ipswich Historical Society
PO Box 422
New Ipswich NH 03071-0422
Contact: Susan Williams
New London Historical Society
P.O. Box 965
New London, NH 03257
Contact: Hank Otto, President
Phone: 603-526-6564
Newbury Historical Society
PO Box 176
Newbury NH 03255
Contact: William Weiler, President
Phone: 603-938-2892
Newfields Historical Society
P.O. Box 126
Newfields, NH 03856
Contact: Diana L. Toth, President
Newmarket Historical Society
Granite Street
Address: PO BOX 534
Newmarket, NH 03857
Contact: Dr. Forbes Getchell, President
Phone: 603-659-3652
Newington Historical Society
c/o Newington Town Hall
Nimble Hill Road
Newington NH 03801
Newton Historical Society
PO Box 289
Newton NH 03858
Contact: Francis Frattier
Phone: 603-382-4279
Northern Forest Heritage Park
961 Main Street
Berlin NH 03570
Phone: 603-752-7202
Fax: 603-752-7222
The Northern New England Chapter
Society for Industrial Archeology
Northfield Historical Society
c/o Northfield Town Hall
21 Summer Street
Northfield NH 03276
Contact: James Lamanuzzi, President
North Hampton Historical Society
PO Box 17
North Hampton NH 03862-0017
Contact: Janet Taylor, President
Northumberland Historical Society
2 State Street
Groveton NH 03582
Northwood Historical Society
P.O. Box 114
Northwood 03261
Nottingham Historical Society
P.O. Box 241
Nottingham, NH 03290
Contact: Joy Gannett, Museum Dir. 603-679-1937
Old Man of the Mountain Museum
Located at the base of Cannon Mountain
Contact: Dick Hamilton, White Mountain Attractions
Orford Historical Society
PO Box 44
Orford NH 03777
Contact: Kellen Haak, President
Ossipee Historical Society
P.O. Box 245
Ossipee, NH 03864

Park Hill Meeting House Society
PO Box 255
Westmoreland NH 03467

Pelham Historical Society
5 Main Street
Pelham, NH 03076
(updated 12 Dec 2006)
Pembroke Historical Society
c/o Town Hall
311 Pembroke Street
Pembroke NH 03275
Contact: Ron Clouser, President
Pemi Baker Valley Historical Society Council
c/o Judy Algier
945 East Rumney Road
Rumney NH 03266
Contact: Judy Algier, Coordinator
Penacook Historical Society
16 Penacook Street
Penacook NH 03303
Contact: Wesley Frost, President
Pequawket Historical League
877 Eaton Road
Freedom NH 03836
Peterborough Historical Society
Grove Street
P.O. Box 58
Peterborough, NH 03458
(603) 924-3235
Pierce Brigade - Pierce Manse Museum
PO Box 425
Concord NH 03302-0425
Contact: Florence C. Holden, President
Phone: 603-225-4555
Piermont Historical Society
PO Box 273
Piermont NH 03779
Contact: Joe Medlicott, President

Piscataqua Pioneers
PO Box 1511
Portsmouth NH 03802

Pittsburg Historical Society
P.O. Box 128
Pittsburg, NH 03592
Pittsfield Historical Society
PO Box 173
Pittsfield NH 03263-0173
Plainfield Historical Society
P.O. Box 125
Plainfield, NH 03781
Plaistow Historical Society
P.O. Box 434
Plaistow, NH 03865
Plymouth Historical Society [link to Facebook page]
Court Street
Plymouth 03264
Mail: c/o Elsa Turmella
5 Webster Street
Plymouth NH 03264
Portsmouth Athenaeum
PO Box 848
Portsmouth NH 03802-0848
Located at 9 Market Square in Portsmouth
Contact: Tom Hardiman, Keeper
Fax: 603-431-7180
Email: or
Portsmouth Historical Society
PO Box 728
Portsmouth NH 03802-0728
Contact: Jan Harney, House Mangr
Raymond Historical Society
P.O. Box 94
1 Depot Road
Raymond, NH 03077

Remick Foundation
PO Box 250
Tamworth NH 03886
Phone: 603-323-7591

Richmond Historical Society
105 Old Homestead Highway
Richmond NH 03470

Rindge NH Historical Society
Tim Derr, President
Address:24 School Street
Rindge, NH 03461
Telephone 603-899-2341
Staff will be at the museum on Wednesday from
10:00 a.m. - 12noon and the First Saturday
of the month 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., or by
appointment, for those who would like to
visit or are doing research.
Contact people:
Amy Raymond 603-899-5097
Robert Cleland 603-899-5762
Karla MacLeod 603-899-2208
Tim Derr :603-899-5044

Rochester Historical Society
58 Hanson Street
PO Box 65
Rochester 03866

Rockingham County Society Of Genealogists
28 Prentiss Way
Exeter 03833-4611
Rollinsford Culture and History, The Association For
P0 Box 16
Rollinsford, New Hampshire 03869
Rumney Historical Society
PO Box 945
Rumney NH 03266
Contact: Roger Daniels, President

Rye Historical Society
P.O. Box 583
Rye, NH 03870

Salem Historical Society
310 Main Street
Salem, NH 03079
Contact: Dan Zavisza, President

Salisbury Historical Society
PO Box 263
Salisbury NH 03268

Sanborn Mills Farm
7097 Sanborn Road
Loudon NH 03307
(603) 435-7314
Sanbornton Historical Society
P.O. Box 204
520 Sanbornton Square, Route 132
Sanbornton, NH 03269
Sanbornton Historical Society @ the Lane Tavern
P.O. Box 204
520 Sanbornton Square, Route 132
Sanbornton NH 03269
Tavern Phone 603-286-7227
Sandown Historical Society
PO Box 300, 1 Depot Road
Sandown NH 03873
Fax: 603-887-6100
Sandown OMH Association
PO Box 377
Sandown NH 03873

Sandwich Historical Society and Museum
4 Maple Street
P.O. Box 106
Center Sandwich, NH 03227
(603) 284-6269

SCOUTING [Lawrence L. Lee Scouting Museum & Max I. Silber Scouting Library]
PO Box 1211
Manchester NH 03105
Contact: Ron Covey, P.R.
Fax: 603-641-6436

Historical Society of Seabrook
P.O. Box 500
Seabrook, NH 03874

Shelburne Heritage Commission
74 Village Road
Shelburne NH 03581
Society Preservation OMH Webster NH
c/o Dorothy Monz
380 Little Hill Road
Webster NH 03303
Phone: 603-648-2569
Somersworth Historical Society
157 Main Street
Somerworth, New Hampshire
Strafford County Society Of Genealogists
36 Park
Dover 03820
Strafford Historical Society
P.O. Box 33
Center Strafford, NH 03815
Call Liz Evans at 603-664-2192 x105
Stratham Historical Society
P.O. Box 39
Stratham, NH 03885
Strawberry Banke Museum
PO Box 300
Portsmouth NH 03802

Fax: 603-433-1115
Email: or

Stoddard Historical Society
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 213
Stoddard, NH 03464-0213

Sugar Hill Historical Society
Route 117 Village Green
PO BOX 591
Lisbon 03585
Sullivan Public Library Archive
PO Box 92
Sullivan NH 03445
Surry Historical Committee
c/o Reed Free Library
Surry NH 03431
Sutton Historical Society
PO Box 457
S. Sutton NH 03273
Swanzey History Museum
PO Box 416
W. Swanzey NH 03469
Tamworth Historical Society
P.O. Box 13
Tamworth, NH 03886
Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of month at Remick Farm unless otherwise announced-April-October. Museum open Tuesday 7-8 PM during July and August and by appointment.
Temple Historical Society
P.O. Box 114
Temple, NH 03084
Contact: Priscilla Weston, Curator
Thornton Historical Society
PO Box 1176
Campton NH 03223
Contact: Barbara Sellingham. President
Thompson-Ames Historical Society
PO Box 7404
Gilford, NH 03247-7404
603- 527-9009
Tilton Historical Society
P.O. Box 351
11 Grange Road
Tilton, NH 03276
(603) 524-1135

Troy Historical Society
PO Box 593
Troy NH 03465
FaceBook Page


Tuftonboro Historical Society
P.O. Box 372
Melvin Village, NH 03850

Twin Mountain-Bretton Woods Historical Society
PO Box 64
Twin Mountain NH 03595
[NOTE: The link above may be dead. Here is a link to the ARCHIVED version.]

Umbagog Area Heritage Committee
c/o Umbagog Area Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 113
Errol NH 03579

Unity NH Historical Society
13 Center Road, Box 6
Unity, NH 03603

Upper Pemigewasset Historical Society
PO Box 863
Lincoln NH 03251

Contact: Card Riley, Vpres
Wakefield / Brookfield Historical Society
P.O. Box 795
Brookfield, NH 03872
603-522-5332 or (603) 522-6011
Wakefield Heritage Commission
c/o Town Hall
2 High Street
Wakefield NH 03872-0654
Walpole Historical Society
32 Main St. PO Box 292
Walpole, NH 03608
(603) 756-3449
Warner Historical Society
P.O. Box 189
Warner, NH 03278
Warren Historical Society
PO Box 144
Warren NH 03279
Washington NH Historical Society
P.O. Box 90
Washington, NH 03280
Weare Historical Society
PO Box 33
Weare NH 03281
Contact: Betty Straw
Wentworth Historical Society
PO Box 13
Wentworth NH 03282-0013
Contact: Maurice Muzzey, President
Westmoreland Historical Society
P.O. Box 105
Westmoreland, NH 03467
Whitefield Historical Society
PO Box 21
Whitefield NH 03598
Wilmot Historical Society
PO Box 97
143 Shindagan Road
Wilmot, NH 03287
Telephone: 603-927-4596
The Wilton Heritage Commission & Wilton Historical Society
2nd Floor, Wilton Public and Gregg Free Library
7 Forest Road, P.O. Box 420
Wilton NH 03086
Winchester Historical Society
PO Box 64
Ashuelot NH 03470

Windham Historical Society
P.O. Box 441
Windham, NH 03087
Contact: Jean Manthorne, 603-848-7433

Windham Town Museum
Chairman, Museum Trustees
1 Heritage Hill Road
Windham, NH 03087-0120

Wolfeboro Historical Society
Location: 337 S. Main St.
Wolfeboro, 03894
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1066
Wolfeboro, NH 03894
Phone: see web site
Email: see web site
E. Stanley Wright Museum
P.O. Box 1212
77 Center Street
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

- 1893-1894: Biographical Sketches of the Goveror, Councillors, Senate and State House Legislators (Internet Archive)
- 1915: The Legislators (New Hampshire) in the Granite Monthly (Internet Archive)

Books (online and to borrow or purchase)



Fee-based Research, Basic Guides, Helpful Hints and Other Links


- New England Historic Genealogical Society** - online databases, NEGHS Register, access to HeritageQuest and more (primarily focusing on the New England States)

- American-Canadian Genealogical Society [for those of French-Canadian origin]

- Connecticut Society of Genealogists**

- New York Historical & Biographical Society**

**these society membership's include an on-line subscription to HeritageQuest(tm) that allows you to view census records, town histories and family genealogies, an excellent buy!

- LDS New Hampshire Research

1. Always start your genealogy with YOURSELF!! Gather all the records you can about yourself and your immediate family, then go backward in time to your parents, grandparents, etc. Interview your relatives, starting with the OLDEST ones (include aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.). ORGANIZE your records and notes.
When looking for newspaper articles or obituaries, check first with the local library and/or the historical society in the town where you are researching.
2. Some death and burial records may be found at Poor (Alms) Houses

New Hampshire Archaeology Society
New Hampshire Society of Mayflower Descendants
New Hampshire Society of Genealogiests

Daughters of the American Revolution

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